What I’m doing now

I don’t remember exactly how I discovered now pages, but I thought they were pretty cool, so I made one. Basically the point is to inform people about, well, what you’re up to now!


Gatineau, but planning on moving to Montréal next summer.


I currently work at Distantia as a web developer, where I create custom WordPress websites. I recently completed the new website for La Rotonde, uOttawa’s francophone newspaper.


I don’t spend much time on personal projects, but lately I’ve been gaming quite a bit. I’d like to setup a little home lab soon however, as well as maybe learn how to program a microprocessor, using Ben Eater’s excellent series.

I should probably get into fitness, or at least a bit of cardio, but I’m a bit lazy. I’d just like to take care of my body.

Last update: 2022-01-10