As someone who values my own privacy, I think it’s important for my website to reflect that. As such, I’m trying to make this website as privacy-respecting as I can. As someone who lives outside the EU, I don’t need to respect the GDPR, but I try to as much as possible.

📊 Analytics

I use an open-source, privacy-respecting, analytics tool called umami to monitor my site’s visits. It doesn’t use trackers or cookies, so it’s not able to personally identify visitors, unlike Google Analytics. Plus, I can self-host it, which I like. My umami instance is hosted on Vercel.

You can see this website’s stats here — it’s literally my dashboard. I can see what pages are popular and where visitors come from. I don’t need anything more. Google Analytics has wayyy too much stuff for me.

If you want to know more about umami, here is their website, and here is their repo.

🍪 Cookies

While I think cookies taste amazing — especially PC’s The Decadent cookies — I don’t want them on my website, at least not for tracking purposes.

Now, if you can, go buy yourself a box of The Decadent cookies, I swear you won’t regret it.