Created for GoGodotJam 4

Game jam
Godot 4

A small game about letting go and moving out.

Project overview

With the semester having ended recently, a friend and I wanted to do our first game jam, and noticed the GoGodotJam 4 was ongoing, so we decided to join despite it being already halfway done and our busy work schedules. The theme, Less is more, inspired us to create a game about a person going through multiple apartments, and needing to letting go of some personal items. He would need to declutter his belongings, to get more money, as new jobs and promotions are the reason he was moving out. We wanted to add more to the game, but due to lack of time and needing to get familiar with Godot, decided to keep it simpler.

My role

In Decluttering, I was in charge of programming everything, while my friend was in charge of the art, writing and level design. Due to not having worked with Godot in the recent months (mostly because of university), I had a little adaptation period to the engine, and encountered some difficulties with features I was used to work with in Unreal Engine, namely Blueprint (not the visual scripting part), which Godot kind of has, but is also a little different, with the scene system. However, once I figured how to better use Godot’s features, I was much more productive and a lot of its features have really grown on me, such as the way nodes work, as well as GDScript.